Life insurance
for everyone.

Hudson & Hough helps everyone find the right life insurance whatever your budget might be. Our process is quick and easy and means your family is protected financially if anything happened to you.

Do you get to work smiling knowing you & your family is safely insured

At Hudson & Hough we help protect families.

Why get life insurance?

Losing a parent is hard. But losing someone you depend on is even harder. The reality is that every 22 minutes this happens to a child that depends on their parents financially.

Having life insurance ensures your family & loved ones are financially secure if anything was to happen to you.

Who are Hudson & Hough

Hudson & Hough allows virtually any person, regardless of age, health history, smoking status, to insure themselves.

Understanding that raising a family is expensive and sometimes an extra monthly outgoing seems impossible. If you tell us what’s affordable and we show you how much you can protect your family for. We believe every family has the right to a future & protection.

Do you get to work smiling knowing you & your family is safely insured


Protection is for everyone. It starts at £5 per month. That’s £1.25 per week

Yes. The only exemption is suicide in the first 12 months unless stated otherwise.

No, you can cancel free of charge at any point. Premiums will have covered you for the time until the cancellation & you will no longer have cover.

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